Aspiration Day 2019 : I Dare You to Speak

Aspiration day is one of an annual event in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung that hold by Student Parliament or called PK (Perwakilan Kelas). Aspiration day is a day where every student of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, or called warga tiga could speak their aspiration about everything that related to our school (about the teacher,  curriculum, programs, etc) directly to the school ministry.

     How could we participated in Aspiration Day?  First, we must write down our honest aspiration that can make our school better. Second, we collect our aspiration to representative in our class or to the member of Student Parliament. After that, Student Parliament will filter all the aspirations and then give it to the school ministry.

     This year, aspiration day hold on 26 April 2019 with guest star Ridwan Kamil, Keri Lestari, and Amigdala. The theme of Aspiration Day 2019 is The Millennials. Why the theme of aspiration day is the Millennials? The theme of aspiration day is the Millennials because Student …


Supernova is the biggest explosion of a star in a galaxy that marks the end of the star's history. Each blast of supernova is the extremely bright, super-powerful explosion of a star. Stars that experience supernova will look very bright. The brightness can reach hundreds of millions of times the star's original light. A few weeks before a star experiences a supernova, the star will release energy that equivalent with the sun's energy released during it's lifetime. This explosion of supernova collapses most star material with a speed of 30.000 km/s (10% the speed of light) and releases shock waves that can destroy the interstellar medium.
     Supernova can caused by the "last hurrah" of a dying massive star or when two stars orbit one another and of those star is an Earth-sized white dwarf. Because of that causes factor, supernova divided into two types.
1. Supernova Type 1
    This type of supernova can happen if a star at least five times the mass of…

Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Bandung, March 5, 2019
To DAAD Foundation,
     It is  my pleasure to write in recommendation on behalf of Sekar Ariane Maharani for admission to your bachelor scholarship program. I have known Sekar Ariane Maharani since 2018. She is one of my student in 3 Senior High School Bandung.      Sekar Ariane Maharani is one of the top proficient student in science. She has a good skill and score in math, physics, and chemistry. She was also a hardworking student who always tried to learned and figure it out everything about science. I know her as a passionate, cheerful and optimist student in many academics activities. I have no doubt that she is and ingenious student.      As her teacher, i know that she has a problem with knowing her-self more. But I'm sure that she has a huge talents ini science. I believe that she Will succeed ini her future academics studies because of her hardworking behavior and curiosity. I'm sure that she will give a good impact and make a contribution to your …


Hello Everybody, Let me introduce my self more deeply. My name is Faradila Azzahra Anwar. I was born in Bandung, 30 August 2002. I'm 16 years old.  My hobby is listening music and reading. I have two elder brother. His name is Restu Syabani and Muhammad Syarifuddin. My family is not rich but I'm grateful.
     I think I have some strength, among others are perfectionist, have high curiosity, and thorough in all detail or detail oriented. But I think, all of my strength can be my weaknesses too.
     Beside that, my weakness is overthinking, too easy to conclude something, too quiet, difficult to adapt, persistent, and not easily touched.
     My dream and goals for my future among others are learned to know myself more, learned to love myself more, travel around the world, try to live independently out of my hometown, and studying psychology or medicine course in college.
     In future, I want to be a doctor or psychologist. Because in my opinion, Human is very complex. I wa…

My Dream for My Foster Family

Bakti Desa is a superior program of 3 Senior High School that must be followed by all 11th grade students with the aim of increasing social value and empathy. In Bakti Desa, we are placed in one of the villagers' houses and invited to go directly to the daily activities of the villagers such as farming.
     Now, I want to tell you about my dream after i finished Bakti Desa.
     When I was there, I talked with my Foster parents and I heard stories about how they through their daily lives. I heard, that to go to school their daughter had to walk for about 2 km and my foster father had to walk about 3 km to get to the farm. Hearing that story I felt touched and felt grateful too for my condition.
     After I heard that, crossed my mind I want to give my foster parents and their daughter a bicycle. I want to buy a bicycle for a daughter from my foster parents because with me buying a bicycle, I can help him to get easier to go to school. I also want to buy a bicycle for my fost…

Edu Passion 2019

Hallo Everybody!

     In this posted, I want to tell you about one of event in 3 Senior High School Bandung. The event called Edu Passion. Edu Passion is held every once a year.

     In this year, Edu Passion is hold on 24th of January 2019. In particular, Edu Passion is an event that being held to provide information about some of the existing faculties or universities in Indonesia and for help all students in grade 12 of Senior High School to choose faculties and universities that match with their talents and interests.

     In Edu Passion event, me and my friends (Sekar, Renna, Nifela, and Laila) had the opportunity to interview some university or institution. But in this posted, i just want to share my interview result with Wall Street English. This is my interview result. Happy Reading!

Me : “What exactly is Wall Street English?”

WSE : “Wall Street English is English Training Center. This institution is focusing to improve your English language ability. To improve your language, we ha…

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals is a plan that being agreed by leaders from 193 countries of the world to facethe problem that might come on the future.
     Me and my friend (Sekar Ariane) choose topic number 4. Quality Education.
     We choose this topic because we have read from some news that on the range of 2020-2030, according to various researches and statistics, Indonesia will get benefit from a growth of productive age 70% when compared to non-productive age. This means that Indonesia will face demography bonus. 
     So, the demography bonus will give good and bad effects for Indonesia. Let's focusing on the good effects. 
     The good effect that we can get from demography bonus is Indonesia can change its position from developing country to developed country. That only will happen if we can increase the quality of human resources. We can do that by doing the quality education.
     To ensure quality education, we all have to take action. Some action that we can do are …