The Use of Handphone in the Classroom

Team : Government
Opinion :
Ini my opinion, handphone are good and can help us ini education if we use itu wisely. Because you can use handphone in the classroom for research purposes. Some apps ini handphone are good for education, especially educational apps. Educational apps can help us study with more fun and exciting. Some educational apps can help us to search the definition of a word that we don't know.

Debate Competition 3

Theme :
The Reality Shows bring more harm

Opening Government : (Fadhlan S. and Faza)
Fadhlan agree with the motion because if children without parents guard watched the reality show, children can imitated it without knowing what is wrong and what is good. Faza thinks that the reality show is fake.

Opening Oposition : (Laila and Nifela)
Nifela disagree with the motion because we may learn important information and reality show may good for discussing a new topics. Laila disagree with the motion because Laila think that reality show can entertain people.

Closing Government : (Audy and Meistra)
Audy thinks that we should show our talents to public or government. Also if we watched reality show with parents supervision. Meistra thinks that reality show contain bad words and bad language. It's common ini modern Hollywood films that many viewer considered itu normal ini everyday conversation.

Closing Oposition : (Sespiana and Siti Nadya)
Siti Nadya disagree with the motion because the reality sh…

Debate Competition 2

Theme :
This house would not use National Examination for Graduation Standart.

Opening Government : (Adila and Nadhira)
Adila agree that National Examination would not use to be standart graduation because if National Examination use to be standart, student goals is only good score not a progress. Nadhira agree the motion because in National Examination only cognitive aspect that is used. 

Opening Oposition : (Renna and Vira)
Renna disagree with the motion because National Examination can be used to find out the current condition in Indonesia and student ability. National Examination can improve the quality of Indonesian education. Vira disagree because Vira think that National Examination can increase student motivation can used to be parameter.

Closing Government : (Sabrina and Athaya)
Sabrina agree that National Examination would not use to be standart graduation because National Examination can be manipulated and student can still cheating. Athaya thinks that the government is still not …

Debate Competition 1

Theme :
This house would ban all pornography

Opening Government :Resume:
There are some level of pornography. Watch pornography can caused we do real something pornography. Watch pornography can decrease the IQ.

Opening Oposition :Resume :
Pornography can't be ban at all because pornography can teach us about sex education. Because of we don't know about sex education we don't care. Porn can make use health.
Closing Government :Resume :
Sex education ia different from pornography. Anyone can do it pornography.

Closing Oposition :Resume :
If we ban pornography or stop the industry, that can make the decrease money and can make the people on that industry lost their side job. Of the decrease money and job happen, the economic will have something wrong.

Winner : Team Oposition
Reason :
Because the opinion is stronger than the opinion of government group.

Writing a Formal Invitation Letter


Analizing Video (offers and suggestion)

For this task, me and my friend, Sekar Ariane analize the video from Lailatul Mufarroha and Nafisa Tahar Vinaya.

This is the Video :

The Dialogue :

Nafisa : "Hey Lae!"
Laila   : "Hey Naf!"
Nafisa : "What's wrong? You look tired."
Laila   : "I'm a bit disoriented."
Nafisa : "Why?"
Laila   : "I don't know faculty to choose one college."
Nafisa : "How so?"
Laila   : "My mom want me study law but I would like to take faculty of medicines."
Nafisa : "What if you discuss it first with your mom? Tell her you want to learn about medicines."
Laila   : "My mom is a little stuborn. Itu will take a lot of energy to convince her."
Nafisa : "But you're good at math and science. You will be a great doctor. What if you try to explain your passion and potential? I'm sure she will think about it."
Laila   : "Ok thanks for the advice."
Nafisa : "No problem Lae. I hope you dan…